11 December 2017
Voices of faith: Shaking the waters: Making the impossible possible
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A permanent "Women's Consultation" within the Pontifical Council for Culture and a forum on the "Voices of Faith" of the world's women. These are the two new initiatives launched by the Vatican on International Women's Day, celebrated on Wednesday.

"The voice to the women". With this motto, the "Women's Consultation", Permanent Organism within the Pontifical Council of Culture, was presented at the Press Office of the Holy See on March 7 to give space and continuity to the voice of women within this dicastery Vatican.

In addition, the Vatican will become even more involved in celebrating International Women's Day this Wednesday with the fourth annual "Voices of Faith" event, a space in which women from different countries and different spheres Of influences will share their stories and experiences in building a culture of peace.

The Voices of Faith event is supported by the Fidel Goetz Foundation and supported in its edition this year by the Jesuit Refugee Service. At the summit of 2017 women around the world will make their voices heard in the name of peace under the motto "Shaking the waters: Making the impossible possible. READ MORE

Voces de Fe en live Streaming del evento en el Vaticano del  Día Internacional de la Mujer 2017

Voices of Faith live streaming event broadcasting live from the Vatican on International Women’s Day 2017.

Voices of Faith en live Streaming de l'événement au Vatican, lors de la Journée internationale de la femme 2017



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