12 December 2017
Interview with Rafa Veiga, the general coordinator of TDS
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 "Around the Word, women earn on average a little over 50% of what men earn"


The Foundation Workshop of Solidarity works to promote the living conditions of the most vulnerable people in 13 countries of the South, especially in the Philippines, Nicaragua, Peru and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In these years of hardship for the organizations, in particular the development where the cuts came sooner, the coordinator of this foundation, Rafael Veiga, acknowledges that "one of the rewards of working in the field of the cooperation is to form a community with the people of the countries of the South."

His 14 years at the in front of this position in a Workshop of Solidarity have served to try to make a more just world, the motivation that led him to do volunteer work in Honduras during Law school and after working in the sector. The flagship project of the NGO, account Veiga, was to promote the Workshops of Nazareth in the Philippines, which currently employ nearly 200 women in the field of textile. Three years after the typhoon that devastated this asian country, Solidarity Workshop has launched a micro-lending program, in addition to continue working in the reconstruction of 80 houses.  READING MORE


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