20 September 2020
Imma and Yoli always in our hearts
21/3/2020 - 100 Views


On March 19, a special day for the Servants of St. Joseph, two of our sisters, Yolanda Bocanegra Mendoza and Immaculée Maloba Lusa, died in a traffic accident in Zambia near the border with the D.R. of Congo. Yolanda, a Colombian, was a member of the General Team and Immaculée, a Congolese, was the coordinator of the Solwezi Community (Zambia).

The great pain in the face of what happened renews in us the hope in eternal life that God gives us. God sustains us with his infinite love and welcomes the life given by the sisters to the congregational project and all that each one is has already brought to its fullness.  
It is a moment of deep sadness that today we want to share with all of you. Your presence and prayer help us and make us feel the strength of the great family of faith and hope that we are, religious and lay people. 



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