06 August 2020
The Team work of the laundry ALAVAR in Salamanca and Zamora (Spain)
1/11/2019 - 82 Views


The days 12 And 13 of October, 2019, we have been in Salamanca and Zamora 3 Sisters of st. Joseph of the community of the Paseo de los Olivos and 7 lay/os of the laundry Alavar in Madrid. 

The purpose of the trip was that the team work of the laundry to the understanding of the life of Bonifacia to understand why we do what we do, what we painted the Siervas de San Jose with a company that imbue a sense of the work in the laundry, and to better understand some of the values that we work with in Alavar as the silence, the protagonism of the workers and the workers of the push-in work well done, the requirement mixed with compassion, closeness and authority... At the same time, it is a way of empowering the team because they feel important, taken into account, treated in a special way, with prominence and from a relationship of equal to equal.  READ MORE




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