06 August 2020
Yen and Wilma
19/8/2019 - 168 Views

Renewing the commitment as SSJ

 “Anda buscando Jesús, quien le ame, quien le siga, 
Jesus is looking for someone who love Him who will follow Him.” (St, Bonifacia). 
In response to this invitation, we renew our “YES” to follow Jesus as we continue our journey in the congregation of Sierva De San Jose. 

Our experience of living in a community in another province with different language and culture, deepen our experience of the Fidelity, Love and Joy of Jesus present in the sisters we live with and the people we encounter. We learn how to express us freely in the community and also with the people in the village. We grow in valuing the dignity of women and young women in our encounters with them.  READ MORE


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