21 September 2020
50 years of presence in URCOS
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The Religious Congregation of the Siervas de San Jose (Urcos), the Principal and the school Community of I. E. “Our Lady of mount carmel” have the pleasure to invite you to the Celebration of Institutional of the Golden jubilee (1969 - 2019) of the I. E. “Our Lady of mount carmel” - Urcos.
Unmatched past, valuable trajectory, descent, honorable, and a great commitment with the society and with the future of the country, through education. The historical tour unites us and agree to perform this celebration with deep emotion and gratitude, to God, to life, to the religious “Sisters of St. Joseph” and our students reason to be of our service. For this reason, we strive to make with love the programming that we offer...CONTINUE READING

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