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The Siervas de san José on 8 march 2019
02/03/2019 - 336 Vistas
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 8 march Challenge and Commitment 



The 8M is already next and the different groups of women, we ponder, we plan, we dream about actions that visibilicen once more our longings, our struggles, our proposals. The initiatives are varied because the women is also what we are. There are many things that unite us, but also others that think different. That is why there is not a single way to be feminist but many.  

In this network of sisterhood also participate in many of the women who are nuns or religious, and we do so because we are women, but also because our commitment with the cause of Jesus of Nazareth and our faith in God the liberator that impels us to bring liberation and transformation where there is injustice, violence, or denial of the dignity of any human being. However, we are a collective, and rather invisible in the media and in many social spaces, and often the look that society has toward us is full of stereotypes that just respond to what we are or what we are doing.


8M, challenge and compormiso. Carmen Soto, sjs

Were the girls of their eyes. the woman working in the heart of Bonifacia. Victoria Lopéz, sjs



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